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About Nevada Life Services

We work for you, not the insurance company! Our network of providers includes over 10 different underwriters so we can always find the right policy that fits your needs and your budget. Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Nevada Life Services was founded by a local Nevada resident, William Rohac.

Nevada Life Services

Why Choose Us?

There were a lot of reasons and thoughts that went into the forming of Nevada Life Services LLC., but the one reason that separates Nevada Life Services LLC. from any other company is the commitment to educate our clientele. It is extremely rare in the insurance industry and most industries for that matter to take the time to explain what a policy or product does.

A Quote From The Founder

“Consumers have developed a distaste for insurance sales people. The one reason I can think of for this feeling is distrust. This perception started in the 1970’s and has continued since. The biggest issue with this unfortunate relationship is that insurance is a staple of protecting a family or businesses daily activities or legacy. People need insurance and deserve an honest assessment of their current situation and an explanation of what is the best plan to meet their needs and budget.”

About William Rohac

Mr. Rohac has been a resident of Nevada since 1984. Mr. Rohac’s background is extremely well diversified and informed in insurance and in business. Mr. Rohac is a combat veteran serving in the US Army’s 2ND Ranger Battalion, Ft. Lewis, Washington. Following his honorable discharge from the US Army Mr. Rohac was a police officer with LVMPD from 1994-1998. Following a severe back injury while on duty, Mr. Rohac made the decision to move onto a new carrier in the financial services and insurance industry. Mr. Rohac ran an overseas corporation for several years giving him the opportunity to travel the world several times. This experience gave him a unique insight in many cultures, religions and peoples of the world. Mr. Rohac still consults several foreign entities at their request. “It is only from my actions and my conduct that has been beyond reproach, which has blessed me with long lasting relationships based upon a common trust and mutual respect.”