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Homeowners Insurance

“Protecting Your Investments Against The Unexpected”

Protecting your assets is one of the best decisions anyone can make, however, choosing the wrong insurance company because a talking animal told you to “call and save ” can be disastrous. Home is where the heart is and homeowners insurance is a real necessity because your home is one of your most valuable investments. Remember, it’s not just your house that needs protected and that is why we ensure that all of your personal belongings within your home are protected too. At Nevada Life Services, we take the time and give you personal attention to ensure that you get the best homeowners insurance coverage at the lowest possible rates.

Why do I need the best homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance is designed to reimburse you for loss or damage to your home and the belongings inside. We work our entire lives to build and create a beautiful oasis that we can call home. Countless hours of decoration, maintenance and tender loving care have gone into your home and all of that needs protected from the unexpected. It’s not about being prepared if something happens, it’s about being prepared when something happens, such as:
Las Vegas Homeowners Insurance Rates

  • Fires & Lightning Strikes
  • Windstorms & Falling objects
  • Accidental Electrical Damage 
  • Accidental Water Damage
  • Theft & Vandalism
  • Property Damage
  • Damage by Vehicles

From fires and floods to accidents and theft, we have you covered. These things can can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time. It could be a naturally occurring storm or just plain human error. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that your covered with homeowners insurance from Nevada Life Services. We take the time to understand what is important to you and what your needs are because all homeowners insurance policies are not created equal. Our kind and courteous insurance agents will make sure you have the coverage you need for a price you can afford.

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Peace Of Mind Protection

At Nevada Life Services, you get the personal service and respect you deserve. Our experienced homeowners insurance agents will walk you through every option and make sure you have the coverage that fits your needs, your family and your home. The great thing about most homeowners insurance policies is that it can be combined with your mortgage payment. In fact, many mortgage companies and lending institutions require that you have homeowners insurance as a condition of the loan. Are unsure or wondering if you have the right homeowners insurance policy from a different insurance agency or are paying too much? Contact Nevada Life Services to find out how we can provide the best homeowners insurance policy and save you money at the same time. You not going to hear the 15 minutes less line here, just straight forward answers, real customer services and the best insurance available.

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“Providing income replacement, asset protection, and financial security.”