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NLS Insurance offers several different types of critical illness and accident policies. The portfolio consists of policies designed for groups and employers along with individuals. The main point of emphasis when looking for these types of policies is to be proactive in your and not reactive. Insurance is a product that is designed to provide protection and provision in the event that a loss occurs.

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Unfortunately NLS deals with situations where people failed to plan and own coverage before an incident or illness affects them. In these cases people have become non insurable and there are no insurance products that can cover them after the fact.

When selecting a product as an individual there are several items that a person needs to consider. The first of these items is the type of benefit that they want to secure. Some products provide lump sum benefit upon diagnosis or incident. With this type of policy the client selects an amount of coverage’s that they feel they can afford and qualify for. The client then goes through an underwriting process and is offered the coverage and premium that is specifically tailored to them and their needs.

The second type of benefit that is available for the consumer is one that pays a daily or monthly benefit based on diagnosis or treatment. Depending on the illness or injury will dictate to the insured what their available benefit is. These conditions and associated benefits are pre-determined and are in a schedule that is provided to the client when applying for the coverage and it is reiterated in the actual policy.

When selecting this type of insurance or any type of insurance for that matter, it is imperative that the premium for the policy is affordable and that it meets your needs. NLS Insurance professionals always encourage their clients to examine their situation and goals. Owning an insurance product that becomes unaffordable in a time of financial strain can become burdensome and eventually canceled by the client. Preparing and planning properly in all areas of your insurance portfolio is critical. NLS professionals can assist you with providing you all the options that are available to you. Knowing what your options are and then educating you on what policy does and how it works gives “YOU” the NLS Insurance client control and the power to make decisions that is best for “YOU”. It is your life and your money, so the decision on what product best suits your needs is one that you make.

In addition to selecting the product and benefit that best suits your needs as the client, qualifying for the coverage is imperative. “Insurance is a privilege and not a right.” When thinking of insurance most people look at it as a requirement. In the case of property casualty and health insurance, we all know that this has become the truth. The one area that people fail to attain coverage in is with the products that mean the most to you and your family.

The products and services that can provide the most amount of coverage for you and your family are typically associated with your health and well-being; therefore they require an underwriting process. This process is the qualification phase. The outlook on qualifying for insurance usually comes from the extreme. Insurance prospects many times think that if they have had an illness or health related issue that they are eliminated from owning coverage. On the other side of the spectrum, some people feel that they cannot or should not be denied coverage if they are willing to pay for it. The truth is many times we do not know if someone will qualify for the insurance they so desperately need. The only way to identify if you qualify for insurance is to submit an application for underwriting. This gives NLS Insurance the ability to assist you in finding the product that not only suits your needs, but identifies the product that you can qualify for. Every client and their need to protect their life and future is worth NLS Insurances time and effort.

Dependent upon your situation and your specific need for Critical Illness or Accident Insurance, NLS can offer products that are fully underwritten , simplified underwriting and in the case of some groups, guaranteed issue.

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Providing value to your business and for your employees is critical for maintaining the best service and products for your clientele. Many employers and groups are not aware that supplemental benefits can be provided to their employees or members at no cost to them. The option to pay for these products is a very difficult decision and is not always a financial option. Wanting to provide a product or service to your employees or members is not always enough, but having the availability to offer these specific products is.

Every business and organizations obligation or commitment to their employees or membership is different, as is the ability to provide them. There is a distinct difference between providing and offering these products to your employees or members. No matter the situation or circumstances NLS Insurance can customize a program that works for you. These Supplemental Critical Illness and Accident Policies can be offered as a group paid by the employer or organization, which can have financial benefits for the provider. In addition NLS Insurance has had great success serving its corporate clients by offering these products to the employees and members on an individual basis. We always tell our corporate clients to not discount the value of offering the education and products to their employees or members, even if the product is being paid for on an individual basis. These products can and have a huge difference to the people who owned them.