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Whole Life

What is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole of Life Assurance is a life insurance policy that remains in force for the insured’s whole life and usually requires premiums to be paid every year into the policy. Whole life insurance usually requires you to pay premiums for the life of the policy. There are some whole life insurance providers that let the policy be “paid up” in large payments over a shorter period of time. Some whole life contracts allow a one time, or occasional, large premium payment to be made as long as a minimal extra payment is made on a regular schedule. Contact us for more information about Whole Life Insurance and to learn more about all of the options that are available.

Whole Life Insurance Nevada

Do I need Whole Life Insurance?

Whole Life Insurance is a type of plan that is intended to last your whole life. As needs change and our lives change, so do the types of polices that fit our needs. Typically Whole Life is a little more costly than other types of polices, but the additional benefits can be well worth the small increase in cost. Some Whole Life policies provide very valuable riders and alternative uses for the face amount. In some cases the death benefit can be utilized to pay for nursing homes, critical illness and other financial occurrences that would otherwise devastate a family and their assets. The one uncontrollable element of life that can eliminate someone from qualifying for coverage is our health condition or a medical occurrence. For this reason alone having a Whole Life policy in force if and when our health changes will provide a guaranteed tangible security that very few products can provide. Contact Nevada Life Services for more information about Whole Life Insurance.

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